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Job Title: Contract Manager, USA

Location: Wall, NJ (open to Eastern and West coast time zones); flexible remote

Our client is seeking a Contract Manager. Ekman is a 220-year-old global business trading company focusing on the forest product industry with sales in excess of $2 billion located in four hubs across the globe (USA, UK, Italy and Europe). The company’s main products traded include recycled materials (paper & plastics), wood pulp, paper and bioenergy.  Ekman provides a complete range of services for the forest products industry covering market in-formation and research, invoicing and documentation, logistics and warehouse administration, transportation and insurance, trade finance, credit risk coverage, payment administration, advance payments and financing, currency and interest rate hedging, and price risk hedging. 

As part of the logistics team, this role is responsible for preparing, negotiating, and recording business contracts on behalf of Ekman Group. Duties include but are not limited to, researching a contract’s terms, alerting parties to renewals or extensions and tracking all communications between Ekman and various stakeholders.


Job Description


Logistics Job Responsibilities:

  • Craft, evaluate, negotiate, and execute a wide variety of different contracts covering a range of transactions.

  • Create and maintain relationships with suppliers and serve as the singular point of contact for matters concerning contracts.

  • Maintain records for correspondence and documentation in relation to established contracts and those in progress.

  • Communicate and present information to stakeholders about all contract-related matters.

  • Monitor contracts and move forward with close-out, extension, or renewal according to what’s best for the company.

  • Solve any contract-related problems that may arise with other parties and internally with the company itself.



Logistics Qualifications / Skills:

  • Communication: A Contract Manager must be able to communicate ideas effectively to the company, to the other parties involved in the contract and to stakeholders to keep everyone apprised of contract-related matters.

  • Negotiation: Negotiation is essential for a Contract Manager, as it’s their job to get the most benefit to the company possible out of any contract considered.

  • Confidence: A key aspect of successful contract management is confidence. It takes a strong attitude to successfully negotiate and execute contracts, as well as an understanding of when to walk away and when to stand one’s ground.

  • Finance Skills: To evaluate whether or not a contract is good for the company, a Contract Manager must have the necessary financial skills to determine exactly how the company would benefit.


Education, Experience, and Requirements:

  •     Bachelor’s degree in business required. 

  •     4+ years of relevant industry experience in logistics operations

  •     4+ years of shipping, receiving, warehouse operations, inventory management, and import/export operations experience

  •     Understanding of Automated Export System (AES)

  •     Proven record processing contracts within constrained timeframe.

  •     Experience processing bookings with major shipping lines

  •     Advanced proficiency with Excel required including V-Lookup and pivot tables

  •     Knowledge of ERP systems. Preferably experience with cieTrade software.

  •     Knowledge & understanding of Warehouse Management Operations.

  •     Prior global shipping management/customs clearance experience is desirable.



Competitive compensation and benefits/Equal Opportunity Employer

Interested candidates can apply for this position by submitting their resume to: 

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