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Why HR Due Diligence Matters

HR Due Diligence is as important as financial due diligence—missing something in either area can cost your company money. Lots of money. Whether your organization is planning a merger or acquisition, preparing to sell a business, or determining if your organization is in compliance, the due diligence process is essential.

The HR due diligence process is an audit of legal compliance and effectiveness of processes and procedures. Our due diligence process examines the handling of every aspect of your HR/talent management, whether it’s part of a reorganization or when there have been complaints or lawsuits. The following are some of the key areas of our due diligence process assesses:

  • Ensuring legal compliance with HR laws and regulations

  • Recruiting and onboarding procedures including processes and related documentation

  • Diversity and inclusion practices and guidelines

Conducting an HR audit not only identifies strengths but also opportunities to enhance your organization. It also verifies that your business is legally compliant. The Bradley Partnerships (TBP), will conduct a customized audit and provide you a report of our findings with recommendations to optimize your company’s HR operations, and ensure that all elements are in compliance with the law. Please contact us at or email us at

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