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Are You Going to Promote Someone to a Leadership Role? 3 Tips to Jumpstart Their Leadership Success

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

You promoted a new manager. Congratulations! They now have several direct reports but haven’t had leadership training or development. What can you and your organization do to provide this essential training? Here’s a remarkable statistic – according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 84% of American workers say poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress. In addition, 50% of respondents felt their own performance would improve if their direct supervisor received additional training to enhance or develop their people management skills. Remember, your success and that of your company depend on their success.

Most who are promoted into management are strong at their jobs, and are used to being a star. Then, they start something completely new, and expect to still be excellent. Except they aren’t, because the skills needed to be a great manager are completely different than the skills needed to be a great individual contributor. So most new leaders spend their first year feeling awkward, overworked, and (frankly) largely ineffective.

In this blog post, we will discuss three ways to increase their leadership competencies:

Develop an in-house training program for high potentials (HIPOs)

Most large organizations have a training and development team to develop these training programs for HIPOs and new managers. These programs consist of critical leadership competencies such as Management and Coaching Skills for Leaders, Managing Hybrid Teams, Effective Communication Skills, Managing Team Performance, and Managing Time and Delegating. The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) provides these customized training programs for small to large organizations.

Connect new managers with an experienced leader who can mentor them

New managers can feel isolated, as they can’t form the same relationships with their employees that they could with their colleagues. Some, in an effort to look composed, try to do it all by themselves – to their own determinant.

New managers need to find a mentor with whom they can discuss challenges. A mentor is someone internal to the organization who can share their knowledge, skills and abilities with the new manager. New managers should also take advantage of whatever training the company offers them.

Becoming a new manager isn’t easy. Holding it all inside and trying to do it all alone is a surefire path to failure. Instead, this is a time to lean on people – you can pay it back by mentoring a new manager.

Hire a Coach

Working with an experienced coach can quickly fuel a leadership transformation. It’s a commitment to grow, develop, and strive to be one’s best self. Experienced coaches use behavioral coaching to help the new manager create more cooperative work environments.

By bolstering their leadership skills, you can strengthen their relationship with your team and empower them to do their best work.

Contact The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) for a free 15-minute leadership training demo with one of our experienced trainers or coaches. To learn more about our leadership training programs and our customized approach contact our Pittsburgh corporate office at: (724)799-8170, or visit our website at, or email us at We look forward to helping your organization succeed!

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