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Business as usual is no longer business as usual

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused businesses to change, and not temporarily. Human resource leaders are changing the way they do business both in the present and for the foreseeable future. Consider the following:

  • How do you interview for new positions when you can’t talk to the candidate in person? Can you turn down a candidate who can’t immediately return to an office environment due to being in a high health risk category from the novel Coronavirus?

  • What are the legal ramifications to your company from remote employees? Do you still have liability for their actions while on work time?

  • When offices reopen, how do you reintegrate existing employees who are at high risk due to issues such as compromised immune systems, asthma or age? What happens if they feel it is not safe to work in an office environment until a vaccine is produced?

  • How is your employee manual impacted for at least the next several years? How do you keep your company safe from all the new legal issues presented by the new normal?

  • If I’ve found that there are some advantages to remote workers either on a partial or full time basis, or if it is required by a mandated phased return to office work, what do I need to change in my company’s procedures and documentation?

Organizations are being forced to examine their HR processes and operations through a digital lens. This crisis will pass, but for the near future, and possibly past the next fiscal year, business will not be business as usual. The Bradley Partnerships can provide guidance and solutions for the new changes, including revisions to employee handbooks with new procedures, evaluation of practices for EEOC and legal compliance, hiring and on-boarding, and training for a more efficient remote office environment. We’re here to help. Please contact us at to request more information or call us at (724) 799-8170.

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