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Don't Stop Learning

As some organizations have postponed or cancelled in-person trainings in response to the coronavirus, workplace learning has been one of the hardest hit business activities. A recent McKinsey article stated “businesses can’t afford to put capability on hold. Whether the effort is re-skilling at the business-unit level or at a company-wide aspirational transformation, companies can’t simply push the pause button on critical workplace learning, even as they move rapidly to put employee safety first.”

Whether you have newly appointed supervisors or managers who have not had any formal management training or need new skills, we can help you customize the right training program to ensure that training sticks. As the 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps General David Berger stated “we train so that we can be ready to go!” This is a time of preparation and readiness because as soon as the pandemic winds down, businesses and organizations will want to pursue growth opportunities. Some of our highly requested virtual or digital learning training programs are:

  • Strengthening Stress Resiliency and Agility: Equipping You to Respond to Change

  • Transitioning to Supervisor

  • Leadership Coaching for Managers

  • Dealing with Change

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Organizations that invest in continuous improvement, change management and accountability set themselves up for success. The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) provides training and coaching remotely that is both engaging and educational. TBP has over 60+ training programs that are customized for our client’s needs. We’re here to help. Please contact us at to request more information or call us at (724) 799-8170.

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