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Four Reasons You Need An Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is an essential human resource tool.

Does your company have an employee handbook? If so, has it recently been updated? Below are the top four reasons why employee handbooks are essential:

  1. Ensure legal compliance with HR laws and regulations – In addition to ensuring that your handbook contains federal employment and labor laws, the state laws where your employees reside should also be included. Handbooks provide a place for policies and processes to be put in writing that help reduce risk for employers.

  2. Benefits the onboarding process for new hires – The employee handbook should be part of your new hire onboarding process. The handbook helps new hires get acclimated to the company’s policies and procedures.

  3. Supports the Company’s culture and values – Your handbook should communicate your company culture. It should also include the company’s mission and values.

  4. Resource for employees – The handbook is a tool for employees and the questions they may have during their employment. It should also instill accountability of consistent parameters for workplace standards and behaviors.

Creating an employee handbook will make for a happier workplace as well as help to keep your business legally compliant. It’s important to note that it’s a living document and should be updated annually.

At The Bradley Partnerships (TBP), we can help you customize an employee handbook to fit your company’s culture while ensuring that all elements are in compliance with the law. Please contact us at or email us at

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