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Free “Golden Nuggets” in this Blog for the next 10 months. Seriously!

2022 is a monumental year for The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) as we celebrate our 20th year in business! In the spirit of giving, we are going to introduce some important changes to our blogs. We realize that when you attend a seminar or arrange for a training program, you are looking for one or two “golden nuggets” that make the fee and the time invested worthwhile. We define “golden nuggets” as key takeaways that you receive from training. Our plan for this year is to provide one of these “golden nuggets” once a month for free that you otherwise would have had to pay for.

Forbes magazine noted that “HR is rebalancing from a reactive state to a proactive management strategy.” If most of your time is spent reacting, then you are already behind the curve. The only way to increase the performance of your HR function and your organization is to be proactive. It’s said that a high tide lifts all boats, and we at TBP believe that providing a free “golden nugget” to you every month for the next 10 months in our blogs might help give your HR function and other managers a little breathing room, opening the opportunity for them to grow and become more proactive – this means a smoother and more profitable organization for you.

Attending a training session or program costs thousands of dollars just to take away one or two “golden nuggets” for your company to use. We’re going to give you 10 for free. Our topics for the upcoming months include:

  • March – General/Legal Areas – Do you have everything you need to in place to avoid legal entanglements?

  • April – Employment – Let’s explore job descriptions, offers of employment and personnel files.

  • May – HR Reporting – Data, Data, Data, decisions, and reporting.

  • June – Talent Acquisition and Processes – Do candidates know you exist, and do they want to work for you?

  • July – New Hire On-Boarding- How are you welcoming employees to your organization and is it done legally?

  • August – Management and Employee Training/Coaching – They work for you, but are you making sure they know what they need to do and what you expect?

  • September – Payroll Practice – Is everyone getting paid accurately and legally?

  • October – Compensation – Is everyone being paid what they deserve?

  • November - Benefits – Are your benefits meeting your people’s and organization’s needs and are you handling them properly?

  • December – Termination – Are you exiting people properly?

TBP provides a full-suite of HR services and Organizational Effectiveness solutions. To learn more about our services, you can reach us at our Pittsburgh corporate office at: (724)799-8170, or visit our website at, or email us at

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