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Happy International Women’s Day! (March 8, 2024)

“Be Who You Were Meant To Be”

International Women in a row smiling proudly

Join us in celebrating International Women's Day (#IWD2024) today! This global day honors the achievements of women in all areas of society and serves as a reminder of the ongoing work needed to achieve equality.

Today, consider how you can advocate for more women leaders. What is one thing can you do to support a woman’s career goal this week?

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Take time to mentor

  • Provide access to opportunities for growth and development

  • Provide coaching and encouragement

  • For organizations, consider implementing a mentor and/or sponsorship program as part of your professional development program

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate women leaders – executives, doctors, lawyers, front-line healthcare workers and owners. Each one of you has the power to do great things. Believe in yourself and your purpose!

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