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Meet our Executive and Career Coaches!

"To Know Thyself is the Beginning of All Wisdom." - Socrates

The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) is happy to share our team of certified executive and career transition coaches. Each of them has received specialized training with rigorous standards set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), ensuring they have the skills and ethical grounding to guide clients effectively. An ICF certified coach commits to integrity, understanding, and mastery of coaching skills. In addition to their certification, each has years of leadership expertise with real-life business experience. This allows them deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that executives, leaders, and professionals encounter.


TBP’s executive coaching services has helped leaders in multiple industries navigate change. Some may be new leaders who are adjusting to a team or others who are making a transition from early career professionals in their specialized field to a new way of working. For example, a scientist who has been working in the research lab is planning to join a biopharma commercialized company and my require some additional skills.


Our coaching process begins with a chemistry session to ensure the right fit with the client. Once a coaching agreement has been established that includes identifying key areas of focus, the coaching meetings are personalized for each individual.


Below is our ICF Certified Coaching Team:

Lois Bradley, ACC, Founder & CEO

Lois brings 35 years of business experience and has been coaching professionals for 30 of those years. She understands the challenges of women in the workplace and has successfully helped many women “break the glass ceiling” through her practical approach. Many of her clients are business owners, C-suite executives and professionals who have undergone career transition or assumed promotions to higher level roles. She also focuses on building and enabling leadership teams and CEOs in new roles. Lois recently received her renewed ACC certification. She’s certified to conduct assessments that include: EQ 360 and EQ-I 2.0; DiSC, and Kouzes/Posner’s Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).


Kevin Cheesebrough, PCC

As a retired US Navy Captain with 35 years of leadership experience, Kevin understands the challenges leaders encounter with managing emotional intelligence while developing their strengths. Kevin’s focus in an assisting leaders navigate growth while achieving higher performance levels. His specialties include: emotional intelligence, mindfulness, executive presence, preparation for the next level of leadership, and navigating career change. He’s certified to conduct Hogan Performance Surveys and Clark Wilson 360 assessments. Other assessments he utilizes are Emotional Intelligence 2.0, DiSC, and StrengthsFinder 2.0.


Jane Rahenkamp, MS, PCC

Jane brings 37 years of experience with the US Postal Service where she worked her way up to a senior manager role. Jane coaches employees at all levels from Vice Presidents to front-line employees in various industry segments. She enjoys coaching to provide enhanced performance while also enjoying career coaching for her clients. She’s certified in using a variety of assessments in her coaching of clients, including EQ 2.0 assessment; DiSC, and StrengthsFinder. 


Erroline Williams, Ed.D, PCC

Erroline brings 30 years of corporate and higher education business experience to her role as a professional and career coach. She coaches employees at all levels of an organization from C-suite to front-line professionals. She holds a passion of getting her clients ‘unstuck’, through self-discovery and allowing them a safe space to navigate their life’s dreams and goals, personally and professionally. She offers her clients full supportive measures in their journey to possible fulfillment so they can become their best self. She’s certified in using a variety of assessments in her coaching of clients the includes EQ 2.0 assessment; DiSC, and StrengthsFinder. 


TBP is your trusted coaching partner. If you have a new manager who is in need of coaching to enhance their leadership skills or team coaching, we can develop the right program. Also, if your organization is downsizing and wants to provide career transition/outplacement services, we can support individuals throughout the process. Contact TBP to learn more about our expert coaching services. To learn more about each of our coaches, please view their detailed bio’s on our website at, or email us at

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