Have a training budget to use or lose?

As 2020 year end is fast approaching (many can’t wait until it’s over--given the pandemic and our world turned upside down), it is a good time to consider if your training budget dollars have been spent so you don't lose them. In some cases it may mean a cut to your budget next year if the budget wasn’t used. Because many of our training programs have moved to a virtual platform, now is the time to keep employees and aspiring leaders up to date. These programs are optimized for virtual attendance.

The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) offers 50+ training programs that can be customized to your business and leadership needs. TBP provides live instructor-led training conducted virtually along with a moderator who manages your questions and coordinates the breakout exercises.

Learn more on how we can support your organization’s training and development programs. Contact us today! We can be reached at 724-799-8170, email us at info@bradleypartnerships.com, or visit our website at: www.bradleypartnerships.com.

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