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How Much Is the Cost of Procrastination in Your Workplace?

A 2012 CNBC post identified the cost of procrastination in business as being a staggering $10,396…per employee…per year. The article referred to procrastination as the “the most invisible cost in business today.” One of many workplace examples is thinking you were clear with what tasks needed to be completed at your last staff meeting. Unfortunately, some of your team members may have a tendency to procrastinate (put off projects to the last minute). This not only has an impact on your project but it can create low morale as other employees are working hard to complete projects on time.

How do you manage the procrastinators? In addition to setting the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the year, what’s going to keep everyone on track to complete tasks? It starts with leaders knowing their employees and managing them well.

As The Bradley Partnerships, Inc. understands the challenges of creating management and leadership training programs that align to your business. Let us help you maximize your leadership potential and provide the right customized training program for your organization. Please contact us at to request more information or call us at (724) 799-8170.

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