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Leading Your Remote Workforce

With millions of Americans under stay-at-home orders in an effort to slow the coronavirus, employers who are not accustomed to a remote work environment are trying to establish protocols. For leaders who find themselves in a bit of a quandary managing their teams remotely, how can you be most effective while ensuring the work is getting done? Consider these three C’s for your success:

Communication: Working from home has been shown to boost productivity with the right strategies and support systems in place. Among these, communication is key. Establish clear and consistent channels, such as video conferencing, chat and phone calls; this helps build trust, set expectations and make the transition to remote work easier. Be careful about falling into the leading by email trap.

Connection: Making employees feel connected in a remote-work setting can be challenging. Remote workers deal with loneliness and burnout. Establishing strong relationships, even virtually, will help bridge this gap and increase the well-being of your remote team, which is more important than ever during this volatile time. Create online opportunities for your team to socialize, making sure to celebrate team wins and recognize individual contributions during virtual meetings. 

Clarity: Focus on results, not hours spent working. By placing your focus on employee’s achieving their goals and metrics, you are able to measure the outcomes and hold your people accountable.

The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) has worked with organizations to provide training and coaching for leaders to achieve team collaboration, enhance communications and define performance metrics. Contact us today so we can help your organization! We can be reached at (724) 799-8170, email: or our website

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