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Prepare for the New Year with an HR Inspection

Ringing in the new year brings hope and the opportunity to evaluate changes that Human Resources will need to address. Year 2021 will face some significant HR challenges with a new federal administration starting in mid-January. Some of the areas of possible change involve FMLA and paid leave, EEO reporting, immigration programs, non-compete agreements and increases to the minimum wage. OSHA regulations are expected to change, and the efficiencies and legal issues surrounding both work-from-home and in-house staff during the next few quarters need to be closely evaluated to assure no legal or operational issues emerge. Companies should also look for friendlier labor relations policies and programs. For Pennsylvania employers, the salary threshold for exempt employees increases $5K on Oct 3, 2021.

Now is a great time to conduct an HR Audit to make sure your organization is ready for upcoming legislation and workplace changes. Our HR due diligence process is an inspection of legal compliance and evaluation of HR best practices to ensure adherence and effectiveness of current procedures. We examine the handling of every aspect of your HR processes including record-keeping, benefits, staffing, compensation, reporting, training, employee relations, and policies to avoid lawsuits and fines.

Conducting an HR inspection not only identifies strengths but also opportunities to make your organization better. It also verifies that your business is legally compliant. The Bradley Partnerships (TBP) will conduct a customized HR inspection and provide you a report of our findings with recommendations to optimize your company’s future and ensure that all HR activities are in compliance with the law. Please contact us at or email us at

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