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SHOW ME THE DATA! The Value of Employee Surveys.

Employee surveys can serve as a vehicle for establishing communication and allowing employees to be involved in the organization’s development process.

The best employers understand just how valuable and powerful employee survey data can be. An employee survey can be an effective method of capturing key data that serves as the foundation for bringing about change that positions the organization for greater success. The top four reasons why organizations conduct employee surveys are:

- To Identify “hot spots” or warning signs of trouble

- To evaluate the effectiveness of specific programs (i.e. compensation, benefits, safety) and policies

- To gauge the organization’s strengths and weaknesses among its workforce

- To drive organizational mission and performance

- To evaluate the effectiveness of specific programs (i.e. compensation, benefits) and


The Bradley Partnerships, Inc. (TBP) designs customized online employee surveys for our clients. Based on data collection and trends we provide valuable feedback that serves as a roadmap for cultural transformation and decision making, resulting in meaningful action plans. To learn more about us how TBP can create a survey for your organization, please contact us directly at, by phone at 724-799-8170, or visit our website at for more information.

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