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The Talent War: Top 5 Tips for Recruiting in a Low Unemployment Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates hit a minimum low of 4% in June 2018. Employment increases in professional/business services, manufacturing and healthcare create a more competitive job market and makes it challenging for employers to find great talent as everyone who wants to work is working.

The days of placing an ad in the newspaper or online and sitting back waiting for resumes to pour in doesn’t work in today’s employment environment. Many of our clients are experiencing recruiting challenges given the low unemployment rates. Below are some tips we have used to successfully recruit talent.

Benchmark the job

It’s important to benchmark the job, set parameters for minimum qualifications that include education and experience for a specific position. Benchmarking includes a variety of techniques. It can be difficult to determine how to benchmark for a specific position in your industry and location. We have provided benchmarking for many industries that has led to increased productivity and better personnel.

Implement out-of-the-box incentives

While standard compensation and benefits are required for today’s workers, we are seeing an uptick in unique incentives such as offering work-life balance arrangements or health and wellness programs. We have many options for these and other incentives including wellness programs.

Use your current employees to attract new ones

Employee referrals continue to be the most effective source of quality applicants. We have a variety of programs to make this work for your business.

Create a candidate pool or pipeline

Developing candidate pools or a pipeline means you have a ready pool of candidates available. Current conditions require creative and innovative ways to find top talent. The talent is out there. It’s just a matter of being proactive to ensure you hire the right candidates.

Use a professional recruiter

If your company’s hiring manager, in-house recruiter or maybe you don’t have a recruiter is spending a lot of time and effort recruiting while getting minimal results, it’s time to consider working with a professional recruiter. Our recruiting team can fill a variety of positions – whether it’s for a manufacturing engineer, software engineer or other professional roles. We structure the search so that we’ll find the best talent for your positions.

If you are experiencing any of these recruiting challenges, we can help you. Contact The Bradley Partnerships and learn how we can help you recruit the talent you need and make job opportunities more appealing with our extensive talent management experience. Please go to our website at, or email us directly at, or call today at (724) 799-8170.

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