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Think twice before you hit the send button!

We are too quick to type up an email or text and just hit send. What happens after you hit send? We fail to consider who will read the message, will they forward it-to who, will it come back to haunt me??? If any of these questions make you pause, you may want to rethink your message or better yet, pick up the phone. Here are a few items that you should not send:

· Derogatory comments

· Inappropriate jokes

· Sensitive info

· Consideration of legal action-‘before this turns into a lawsuit’ language

· Gossip

· Any health or medical discussion pertaining to an employee

Remember that company email is company property and is discoverable. Marking PRIVILEGED or CONFIDENTIAL in the subject lines does not make that message confidential.

If the topic is lengthy and requires a lot of interaction, if at all possible, have a conversation and keep it out of email. Especially if it applies to job performance, compensation, continuation of employment, health or medical issues, etc.

Does your company handbook/manual properly address this issue? If not, one simple message could easily escalate into a costly lawsuit!

“Never write if you can speak, never speak if you can nod, never nod if you can wink.” —Attributed to the 19th century Boston political boss Martin Lomasney.

The Bradley Partnerships, Inc. can assist you with developing your employee manual and/or addressing communication issues in your organization. Please review our capabilities at

and then contact us at

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